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I keep myself as a researcher and little by little as a blogger, too. I have master's degree in marketing and international business, and currently I study for Ph.D. in Economics. My dissertation deals with sensemaking in the context of commercializing academic research. My greatest interest is, however, marketing in social media. I bumped into e-marketing issues in my former job in travel and tourism industry.

18 December 2011 0 Comments

Customer power in bookings

Earlier this month Hotelmarketing.com┬áreported that travellers increasingly book from search and meta search engines in addition to social media sites. This of course puts pressure for online travel agents and other providers. But at the same time it gives power for customers: They have learned to use sophisticated apps and search information from a wide […]

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23 March 2011 1 Comment

Strategic approach to HRM

Human resource management was long approached as administrative function (Delery & Doty 1996). HR professionals were seen as experts who designed and delivered HR systems. Thus, HR was a kind of link between employers and employees. HRM is not, however, and isolated function from other organization, nor from external environment. The external trends affecting HRM […]

13 January 2011 0 Comments

Human resource management

Human resource management is essential for the company goals and functions – at least for the bigger companies. In small companies it’s rarely clearly expressed plan or statement. It’s said that to get best out of your business, you have to get best out of your employees. Different definitions In Wikipedia HRM is defined as: […]